Harley After Care Oil

Harley After Care Oil

Harley After Care Oil

Used after either a Harley Hot Wax or Harley Strip Wax to finish the conditioning treatment of the skin.
An essential step for a Harley Hot Waxing and Harley Strip Waxing treatments.
  • This reduces skin irritation, redness and the possibility of any ingrowing hairs,
  • The Tea Tree acts as an anti bacterial agent to cleanse any dirt and dead skin leaving your skin clean and fresh,
  • With added Lavender properties the After Wax Oil will soften and condition your skin resulting in a silky smooth finish,
  • Massage a small amount into the freshly waxed area to finish a Hot Wax or Strip Wax treatment.
Directions for UseApply to the skin after a Hot Wax or Strip Wax treatment using a cotton pad or simply massage the Harley After Wax Lotion directly into the skin, this will cleans and protect the area allowing the the excited nerve endings to heal and sooth.For the best results use in conjunction with either the Harley Hot Wax or the Harley Strip Wax system
How It WorksThe Harley After Wax Lotion is an essential step in any wax treatment. It reduces skin irritation, redness & lowers the possibility of ingrown hairsThe Harley After Wax Lotion is made with extracts of tea tree and lavender. As tea tree is a natural antiseptic and lavender has calming properties it will leave your skin clean and smooth.
IngredientsIngredients: CI26100, Paraffinum Liquidum, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Lavadula Angustifolia
TipsAfter waxing the clients follicles are open and it is advisable that you also recommend some after waxing care instructions to the client to prevent them from irritating or infecting Their skin.• Do not go swimming until redness subsides. • Do not have a hot shower or bath until redness subsides. • Do not use a solarium or sun bake until redness subsides. • Do not apply self-tanning products until redness subsides. • Do not exfoliate the area for up to 72 hours after waxing.
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