Harley Start Up Kit

New Harley Start Up Kit

There is currently a 5-10 day waiting period on kits ordered



A great way to ensure you have everything you need to get you started.

The Harley Start Up Kit includes the following;

1x 1Kg Harley Rose Hot Wax
1x 1Kg Harley Rose Strip Wax
1x 1Kg Harley Gold Strip Wax
Or pick n mix your own wax to the same value

1x 200ml Harley Pre-Waxing Oil *Use with Harley Hot Waxes*
1x 200ml Harley Cleanser / Toner *Use with Harley Strip Waxes*
1x 200ml Harley After Care Oil *Use with Harley Hot Waxes & Harley Strip Waxes*

1x Pack 100 - Large Spatulas
1x 100m - Super Strip Roll

Plus Free

1x Training Manual
1x 400ml Wax Solvent

Please note that a heater is not included in this kit and will need to be purchased seperatly

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