Harley Wrap

Harley Wrap

What is Harley Body Wrap?

Beauty therapists, salon and spa owners now have the opportunity to offer clients a body wrap system that guarantees results, detoxifies the body & tones the skin. Harley Wrap, one of the United Kingdom’s leading brands has recently become available world wide.

  • An Aloe Vera based wrap that detoxifies the body & tones the skin.
  • See results with overal body size, eczema & psoriases, 
  • Cellulite reduction and increased energy & immunology.
.."Using only the finest natural ingredients, Harley Wrap delivers superior results with the ability to reduce a client’s overall body size in just one treatment"..

The secret of the products success is that instead of using a conventional mud wrap system, Harley uses an Aloe Vera based concentrate that gets to work the moment the client is being wrapped.

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