Holiday Waxing Tip

Posted by Brittany 23/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

waxing holiday tips

We all go on vacation to get away from the stress of work and try and relax a little every year but there is no excuse to skip on your waxing routine.


Rather be prepared for your holiday and look your best by staying silky smooth when wearing that bikini on the beach this summer.

If you are going on a vacation this summer, the best time to wax is three days before your departure date. So make sure you cross off that caledar and make that appointment. By booking your appontment three days before your vacation you are allowing your skin to heal. For a faster soothing feeling you can apply our Harley Aloe After Care Gel wich is a great skin conditioning treatment.


Remember to exfoliate one day after your wax to avoid any ingrown hairs as well as relieve your skin from any dead skin cells. Just remember to exfoliate 24 hours before applying any fake tan as this may effect the result of your bronzing. 

So enjoy the season and we wish everyone a silky smooth summer!