Wax Cartridge Heater - Single

Wax Cartridge Heater - Single



Single Wax Cartridge Heater

A streamline single wax cartridge heater

Our advanced cartridge heating system is designed to heat our cartridges at an optimal and consistent temperature,

  • Designed to make waxing easy, simple and fast.
  • The Unit comes complete with power cord, a user manual and is ideal for home or salon use.
  • This system takes up little space, takes our 100g Wax Cartridges and has a 6 month warranty.

*This heater is designed for home use only, Do not leave on for more than 2hr's at a time.

Tips1. Clean your unit as often as possible, this will provide a sterile working environment and help avoid the tin / wax pot becoming stuck. Should the tin/wax pot become stuck at any stage (caused by not cleaning after each use), turn the heater on at a low temperature setting, allow the unit to warm up. Then remove the tin gently, allow to cool. Carefully clean heating chamber using minimal amount of Harley Wax Solvent. Take care not to allow any Harley Wax Solvent to come in contact with any plastic parts. 2. Do not use objects (ie metal knives) to assist in removing wax. 3. Do not handle the unit with wet hands or submerge wax heater into any liquid or fluid. 4. To clean the plastic casing and plastic parts use a soft cloth with Harley Wax After Care Oil. This will remove any wax residues from the appliance casing. 5. To clean the metal parts, use a soft cloth with Harley Wax Solvent. - * Note, Do not use Harley Wax Solvent on any plastic parts.
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